General Info

Foxborough is part of the MFN Sewer District along with Mansfield and Norton. Sewer is provided by the town to buildings located within the district.


The regulations for sewer services can be found here.

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Connecting To Sewer

Connections to the sewer system must be in the sewer district before they are constructed. If they are not in the district, they can be added by putting a warrant article out for Town Meeting and then voted in by the attendees. The regulations for connecting to sewer can be found here.

Sewer District Map

The sewer district map can be found here.

Sewer Rates (Effective July 1, 2022)

  Usage Range Initial Cost Additional Charge
per 1,000 Cu. Ft.
Quarterly 0 750 $97.94 (Minimum)
750 3000 $97.94 $104.39
3000 7500 $332.78 $105.98
Over 7500 $809.58 $107.63
Monthly 0 250 $32.65 (Minimum)
250 1000 $32.65 $104.39
1000 2500 $110.93 $105.98
Over 2500 $269.48 $107.63