Table of Contents

Map 1A - Regional Context

Section 1 - Plan Summary

Map 1B - Watershed Context

Section 2 - Introduction

Map 2 - Zoning

Section 3 - Community Setting

Map 3A - Soils and Geologic Features

Section 4 (1) - Environmental Inventory

Map 3B - Agricultural Soils

Section 4 (2) - Environmental Inventory

Map 3C - Land Use Change

Section 5 - Inventory of Lands

Map 4 - Unique Features, Vernal Pools

Section 6 - Community Vision

Map 5A - Flood Zones, Aquifers, Watersheds

Section 7 - Analysis of Needs

Map 5B - Wellhead Protection Areas

Section 8 - Goals & Objectives

Map 6A - Chapter 61 Lands

Section 9 - 7 Year Action Plan

Map 6B - Recreation Lands

Section 10 - Public Comment

Map 6C - Public Lands

Section 11 - References

Map 6D - Protected and Perceived (Unprotected)

Appendices (1) - Index, A, B, C, D

Map 6E - Town Protected Open Space

Appendices (2) - Comment Letters

Map7 - Seven Year Action Plan

Appendices (3) - E & F

Map 8 - Canoe River Aquifer ACEC

Resource Criteria Parcel Rankings Form

Map 9 - Environmental Challenges





12A - State and County

Map 10A - Warner Trail Map

12B - Foxborough (Protected)

Map 10B - Foxboro State Forest

12C - Foxborough (Unprotected)

Map 10C - Cocasset River Recreation Area

13A - Public Recreation

Map 10D - King Phillip Rock Area

13B - Private Recreation

Map 10E - Bay Circuit Trail

14 - Chapter 61

Map 10F - Bay Circuit Trail - Foxborough Area



EOEEA Approval Letter


Open Space & Recreation Plan Update

The Open Space and Recreation Plan Committee is currently working to update Foxborough's Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP), which expired in July, 2018. An OSRP is an important planning guideline that:

  • Identifies residents' overall goals for the Town's open space and recreation resources;
  • Recommends strategies for development that will support these goals; and
  • Qualifies the town of Foxborough to apply for various State grant programs.

Paper copies of the last (2011-2018) OSRP are available at the Boyden Library, Conservation Department in Town Hall, or digitally, from this site.

After we have drafted the OSRP update:

(1) It will be posted on this website for public review, and then

(2) Comments, suggestions and letters of support will be requested.

(3) After receiving your letters of support and any additional input, the OSRP Update will be submitted to the State's Department of Conservation Services (DCS) for approval.

Thank you in advance for your help!

If you are a resident who would like to help with the 2018 OSRP update, please let us know by contacting Jane Pierce (email address, above). We appreciate any help that you are willing to give us!

Open Space and Recreation Plan Implementation Committee

An Open Space and Recreation Plan Implementation Committee ensures (1) that the OSRP's Seven Year Action Plan is implemented, and (2) that the OSRP is updated on a regular basis. If you would like to participate in Committee meetings, please contact the Conservation Agent or the Recreation Department and we will add you to our email notification list. Thank you in advance for your interest!

So... What IS an Open Space and Recreation Plan?

An Open Space and Recreation Plan is a seven year strategic planning document that provides towns with a policy guide, outlining a clear direction for the balanced use of the town's natural resources including the following:

  • maintenance of environmental quality;
  • protection and preservation of ground and surface water;
  • a balanced recreation plan to meet the needs of a growing population;
  • preservation and promotion of natural areas for conservation purposes; and,
  • integration of conservation and recreation areas.

Open Space and Recreation Plans are working documents, created to represent the needs of Town's residents as determined through public open meetings, surveys and other types of public input.  One of the main benefits of the plan is that it allows a town to qualify for various State grants.