Mission Statement:

The mission of the Assessor's Office is to value real and personal property efficiently, fairly and accurately, in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts fair cash value; to administer motor vehicle excise program, process exemptions, and abatement programs; and to address concerns of members of the public efficiently and accurately. 

What do the Town's Assessors do?
The Assessors' Office is responsible for the administration of all laws and regulations regarding real property assessment and valuation. The Assessors, as required by Chapters 59, 60A, 61, 61A, 61B, 121A of the Massachusetts General Laws and various Acts of the Legislature, perform the valuation of approximately 7,200 parcels of property. This includes residential, commercial, industrial, utilities, and personal property. The Assessors process approximately 21,000 excise tax bills on motor vehicles each year. The Assessors establish the assessed value of property each fiscal year and conduct hundreds of inspections to track value changes. The office is also responsible in tracking property sales and parcel changes to adjust mapping annually. In addition, the office is required to set annual tax rates for all classes of property each year.



Thomas Welch, MAA Chief Assessor
[email protected]
Alma Uglialoro Assistant Assessor
[email protected]
Miriah Gilbert  Assistant Assessor



Board of Assessors
40 South Street
Foxborough, MA 02035


(508) 543-1215



(508) 543-6278

M-W-TH: 830-4PM, Tuesday-830-7PM, Friday- 830-1230PM


Building permit and 10-year cyclical inspections will start in March 2024. Building permit inspections will continue until late June and cyclical inspections will continue for the remainder of the year.

All businesses are subject to inspection for Business Personal Property to verify equipment in use and the assets listed in your Form of List. Inspections will begin in January 2024 and continue through the Spring for FY25. 

These inspections help ensure fair cash value on all properties in town per MGL CH59, S38. These inspections provide the most accurate data to produce assessments. Without the proper inspections, the assessment is estimated based on available building permit data and other sources. We appreciate your cooperation when completing these inspections and creating fair and equitable assessments for all taxpayers. 

Our current contracted inspector from May-July 2024 is driving a 
2004 Mercury Marquis (White)
with Rhode Island registration. In addition, we have an inspector out doing field reviews for over 1200 parcels. The vehicle in use for these surveys is 
2019 Honda HRV (Black) with Massachusetts registration. 

Any questions or concerns, please contact the Assessor's office. 

FY24 Tax Rates per thousand in valuation: 
Residential: $13.51 (14.21 FY23)
Commercial, Industrial, Personal Property: $17.99 (18.37 FY23)
FY24 values are posted in the GIS/database link. 

Any questions, please contact the Assessor's office. _______________________________________________________________________________