Contact: George W. Bell                  Chair

SAC Hotline: 508-543-0350
Phone:    508-543-8014
Hours:     As needed based on Stadium Special Permit License Application submissions.

Mission Statement:
The Stadium Advisory Committee was established to assist the Town Manager and Select Board in the review of Gillette Stadium License applications as well as in the monitoring of approved Stadium events. The Special Permit License process is a condition of the lease agreement between the Town and the Stadium, as the Stadium was built on Town owned property. In addition to the review and recommendation process the 11 member committee monitors the Event Hot-Line (508-543-0350) which is in place during all Stadium events, and communicates the results to the Town Manager.


George W. Bell, II, Chair

Blair Crane, Vice Chair

John Hardy, Vice Chair

Randall Briggs, Vice Chair

Joel F. Angelico

James W. Evans, Jr. 

Ronald W. Hodgdon 

James M. Kelly 

Dennis Ohlson

Nathan M. Weber 

Tim Eagan 

Tom Rossbach

All terms end May 31, 2024