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Design Review Board shall review all applications subject to the provisions of this section, and shall issue conditions and forward these to the appropriate board concerning the conformance of the proposed project to the design review standards contained herein. The Design Review Board shall consist of five members who shall be appointed as follows:

  1. One member from the Planning Board appointed by the Planning Board;

  2. One member from the Historical Commission appointed by the Historical Commission; and

  3.  Three members at large appointed by the Select Board, at least one of whom shall be a merchant or property owner in the District. If possible, one member should be a registered engineer or architect.

The term of the members of the Design Review Board shall be three years, except that when the Design Review Board is originally established, the Select Board shall make two of their appointments for a two-year term and the remaining appointment shall be for a one-year term.

Review by the Design Review Board is required for exterior activities within the Design Review District when site plan review or a special permit is required or when the Building Commissioner determines that the proposed exterior activities are sufficiently extensive to materially affect the character of surrounding area.

The Design Review Board shall consider, at a minimum, the following standards in the course of the design review of a proposed activity:

  1. The proportions and relationships between doors and windows shall be compatible with the architectural style and character of the surrounding area.

  2. The relationship of a structure to the open space between the structure and adjoining structures should be compatible.

  3. The design of the roof should be compatible with the architectural style and character of the surrounding buildings.

  4. The scale of the structure should be compatible with the character of the surrounding buildings.

  5. Facades shall blend with other structures in the surrounding area with regard to the dominant vertical or horizontal expression.

  6. Architectural details, including signs, materials, colors, and textures, shall be treated so as to be compatible with its original architectural style and to preserve and enhance the character of the surrounding area.

  7. Contemporary design for alterations and additions to existing properties shall not be discouraged when such alterations and additions do not destroy significant historical, architectural, or cultural material, and when such design is compatible to the District.


Members Term Date
Robert Capece, Jr., Chair  5/31/2026
Maureen Kraus, Historical Commission Liaison  5/31/2026
Maria Schuster, Registered Architect/Engineer   5/31/2025
Gary Whitehouse, Planning Board Liaison  5/31/2025
Linda Shea, Landowner in the District  5/31/2026

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