As of May 2016

Any information on disk or flash drive


Business Certificate (DBA or Fictitious Name) Filing

Includes a certified copy


Business Certificate changes: Discontinuance

(Includes certified copy) Address change

Retirement / withdrawal



Computer generated list, per page

Photocopies, per page

$ .05


Correcting errors in records of: birth, marriage or death


Dog Licensing

Unaltered Male/Female

Neutered Male/Spayed Female



Entering a delayed record of birth


Examining records or papers related to vital records

(Minimum) $10.00

Filing Notice of Marriage Intentions


Issuing certified copy of: Birth




First Raffle Permit

Raffle Permit Renewal (yearly)



Receiving and filing inventory of all items to be included in a "closing out sale", etc.

First page $10.00

each add. page $2.00

Recording order granting location of poles, piers, abutments or conduits (electric & telephone companies) under provisions of Sec. 22 of Chapter 166.


ea. add. street $10.00

Registration of: Physician


Street Listing