A Year-Round Sharps Collection Kiosk is Now Available!

Restrictions:The use of this kiosk is restricted to Foxborough residents only.  It is also intended only for the disposal of spent non-commercially generated and medically necessary hypodermic needles or lancets that results from personal use or from pets, at a residence or outside the home only.

Foxborough Council on Aging & Human Services Building, 75 Central Street, Foxborough, MA  02035. 

Hours for disposal:During normal COA business hours (visit the COA website for the most up to date hours)
Important information:Sharps must be stored and disposed of in a sealed sharps container only.  Visit the FDA sharps disposal container website for more on proper sharps containers.

This kiosk is for sharps only and NOT for the disposal of unused or unwanted medication.  A drug disposal kiosk can be found in the lobby of the Foxborough Public Safety Building, 8 Chestnut Street, Foxborough, MA  02035

Questions:For any questions, please contact the Foxborough Health Department at 508-543-1207.

Additional Resources:

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