Audit Committee
40 South Street
Foxborough, MA 02035

MembersDennis Keefe - Select Board Appointment
Brian Quinn - Select Board Appointment
Bernard Dumont - School Committee Appointment
Paul Ivanovskis - Advisory Committee Appointment
Larry Ooi - Town Moderator Appointment

Ex- Officio
George Samia, 
John W. Coderre., Town Manager
Amy Berdos, Superintendent of Schools

Mission Statement
From Article 4 Section 9 of the Town of Foxborough's Revised General By-Laws:

The (Audit) Committee shall serve as advisory to the Board of Selectmen with respect to the Town's financial condition, financial management systems and controls, annual financial audit and special audits or reviews. The committee shall report annually to the Town its recommendations, as deemed appropriate. Specific duties shall include, but not be limited to:

  • Make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen on the selection of and scope of services for an independent auditor;
  • Review the annual financial statements and reports prepared by the independent auditor and make recommendations with respect there to;
  • Make recommendations for areas of operations where expanded scope audits or reviews may be appropriate;
  • Report to the Town on findings, recommendations and corrective action taken during the preceding twelve months; and
  • Ensure independence of the auditor, while enhancing accountability and proper stewardship over public funds.