Contact:     Bill Yukna                      Chairman

Address:    Town Hall                      40 South Street
                     Foxborough, MA 02035

Meetings: Committee meets based on project requirements, date and times are posted by Town Clerk at Town Hall.

The Committee's charge is to assist all Town Departments and Committees with municipal building projects.

While it is beneficial to be involved from design forward, the Committee has also been involved during preliminary discussions on future needs and on long and short-term maintenance programs.


William F. Yukna, Chairman - Term Ends May 2022

John M. Schleyer - Term Ends May 2020

Jeffrey Whitehouse - Term Ends May 2020

Gary Whitehouse - Term Ends May 2021

John F. Hardy - Term Ends May 2021

William Kass - Term Ends May 2022

Michael O'Leary - Term Ends May 2022

Steven D. Sloan - Term Ends May 2021

Carl Fuller - Term Ends May 2021

Amy Berdos, Superintendent of Schools

Michael Kelleher, Fire Chief - Term Ends June 2019