About Us:


To ensure an orderly and sustainable future for the Town, the Planning Board, and its staff:

  • Regulate the subdivision of land within Foxborough

  • Create and update the Town's Master Plan

  • Review amendments to the Zoning Bylaws and make recommendations to Town Meeting

  • Review applications for Site Plan Review and certain Special Permits

  • Review applications for work on designated Scenic Roads

  • Serve as first stop for future businesses and economic development inquiries


Members Term Date
Kevin Weinfeld, Chair  5/3/2027
Ronald Bressé, Vice Chair  5/2/2025
Tracey Vasile, Clerk  5/3/2027
Tom Murphy, Alternate  5/3/2027
Jeffrey Peterson  5/1/2026
Gary Whitehouse  5/1/2026

Contact Us:


Foxborough Town Hall, 40 South Street, Foxborough, MA 02035

Phone:    508-543-1250

Fax:    508-543-6278

Meetings: Foxborough Town Hall, 40 South Street
Gala Meeting Room