Town of Foxborough - Opioid Settlement Funds Community Input Survey
Those who have been affected by the opioid epidemic can be found throughout the Commonwealth, and within our Foxborough community.  Foxborough is committed to using these settlement funds for activities that will support community members struggling with substance use or addiction while focusing on substance use disorder prevention, harm reduction, treatment, and recovery.  This may be through expanding or strengthening existing services or by establishing new programs for our Town.

We want to hear from you!  The Town of Foxborough is seeking input on how to best use these funds from Foxborough residents, community members and organizations, or other stakeholders who have been affected by the opioid epidemic, or those simply concerned with the issue.  As stated earlier, the use of these funds is restricted to certain activities.  The Massachusetts Abatement Terms document summarized and provides more detailed examples under seven key strategy categories:

1. Opioid Use Disorder Treatment
2. Support People in Treatment and Recovery
3. Connections to Car
4. Harm Reduction
5. Address the needs of Criminal-Justice-Involved Persons
6. Support Pregnant or Parenting Women and their Families, including Babies with Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome
7. Prevent Misuse of Opioids and Implement Prevention Education

Please consider taking this survey.  Your voice, especially those with lived experience is crucial in understanding any gaps that may currently exist with today's opioid services and can aid in the Town's overall response to the opioid epidemic.

Please note, although your input is appreciated and will be used to guide Town Officials in the decision-making process, we cannot guarantee specific comments or recommendations will be accommodated or implemented.

For questions about this Survey, please contact the Foxborough Health Department Office at (508) 543-1207.

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